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Civil litigation generally deals with scenarios where one party (i.e., Plaintiff/Claimant) has a dispute with another party (i.e., Defendant), in which one or both of the parties seek to recover money or another type of remedy from the courts resulting from the dispute between them.
When thinking of Civil Litigation, we most commonly think of a breach of contract or personal injury situation. However, the areas in which a party may choose to proceed with legal action to enforce its interests are wide-ranging and cannot be set out in an exhaustive list.
Civil litigation will comprise all areas of Statutory Law (i.e. Government Legislation & Regulations) and the Common Law (i.e. Judicially interpreted Law or Case Law) that does not involve Criminal Law and criminal sanctions, whether penal or otherwise.

The parties to a dispute can also include government bodies at all levels – whether Municipal, Provincial, or Federal.
While the public’s general understanding of Civil Litigation typically involves parties going to Court, that is not always the case and disputes may be resolved outside of those formal setting such as in mediation or arbitration, or within the realm of Tribunals usually involving regulatory bodies governing certain actors and sectors of the economy, such as the Human Rights Commission, for example.

The nature of Civil Litigation is extremely broad, and each case will differ with the issues presented by the client. It is for these reasons that, if you find yourself questioning whether you require the assistance of a Litigator to enforce or defend your interests, it will be worthwhile to meet with Litigation Counsel for a consultation to discuss your concerns and obtain an opinion as to your best course of action.

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